Kani Tamil Peravai


  • Tamil livings in different part of the world, in order to preserve their cultural identity and observe their traditions and values, we need to maintain familiarity with Tamil and knowledgeable about their heritage.
  • These include the new club of our college association and the Kani Tamil Peravai club was inaugurated in the year 2016.
  • The club mainly focuses the students, to communicate over the network with our Mother language Tamil.


  • To guide Tamil Computing techniques to students.
  • To guide the students to develop e-content, publish poets, and message communication through Tamil language.
  • Encourage the students by conducting more events and seminars regarding the Tamil communication and their facilities available on the Internet.


Regarding the Kani Tamil Peravai club many functions are organized by Bharathiyar arts and Science College for Women, Deviyakurichi. They are

  • Kani Tamil Peravai was inaugurated in our college by M.Tamilparithi , Tamil Virtual academy , Chennai on the year 2016.
  • On 15.12.2016, Kani Tamil Peravai meeting was organized by Kani Tamil Peravai club for developing the interest among students in Tamil Communication via network. The notices are issues on that day regarding the important and usage of Kani Tamil Peravai
  • On 16.12.2016 , Kani Tamil Peravai club organized one day Workshop for the students, to teach how to use Tamil Keyboard, mailing using Tamil font and achievers of Tamilians over the Network.
  • On 08.02.2017 , Kani Tamil Peravai organized one day Workshop for the Women Self Help Group regarding Kani Tamil’s importance in day to life.
  • Two day workshop organized by Kani Tamil Peravai club for the students in which several topics are discussed.
  • How to develop Tamil software
  • How to create SMS in Tamil
  • How to develop the Web site.
  • How to develop open source software
  • Kani Tamil Peravai club organized a Kani Tamil Peravai function foe the students on 10.03.2017 , many competitions are conducted by Kani Tamil Peravai and prizes are given.
  • A separate library for Kani Tamil was inaugurated and more than 50 books and CD’s are displayed for the student use to gain their knowledge in Tamil communication.