Bharathiyar Arts & Science College for women, an Institution built on tradition and modernity signifies convention and contemporary structure. This conviction begins right from the infrastructure of the College and pervades into academics and curricular activities.

The College, to echo its tradition has 1 management block (Mahakavi block) and 4 academic blocks – Shellydasan Block, Shakthidasan Block, Subramaniya Block & Kalidasan Block. In keeping up with the times to provide an academic cum serene ambience, the Thiruvalluvar Library was constructed with state of the art features. Above all, the College is well known for its Temple which is noted for its divinity.

In the annals of Sports, modern Sports Facilities which include a Basketball court, Badminton, Volley Ball, Throw Ball Court, Long Jump and High Jump field apart from a gymnasium.

The Auditorium has been built to impart cultural values to our students. The Seminar and Conference Halls are an added advantage during national, international and formal programmes.

The Canteen effectively caters to the health-conscious and taste-loving students. It provides healthy and hygienic food to all its visitors.